Fizzy Wisdom


Lockdown Lament

For hours I lolled in Samadhi Then gave that up for fags and tea. Had baths then brunch by ten past three Then dined on wine-soaked crisps and brie.   I ‘went’ to work thirteen


In the deep cavernous realm of the Absolute A seedling lay dormant, her existence unplanned. Each moment was an unaspiring pause Which blossomed into the next without agenda Beckoning forth the emerging light As a


I sink into your smile: A velveteen plushness Your arms firm and girdered – A cantilever for my aching body My heart a compass for yours Your shoulder a rock Where I lay my mossy


Fizzy Wisdom - Reach

Love in a time of Corona

We are living in unparalleled times in the UK and indeed in the world. Just when we thought we were over the Brexit chaos the

Fizzy Wisdom - Gun

Being Trigger Happy

I have been experiencing a deep sense of peace of late. I think this is due in part to the fact that I threw away

Fizzy Wisdom - Candle

Christmas resilience

It’s a Saturday night close to Christmas. Festivities abound. I could be jiving away to some seasonal pop hit from yesteryear, glass of mulled wine

Fizzy Wisdom - Crypt

The Void

A resting place for words unspoken Chamber for the muted scream Tears damned in, like stagnant waters Yearning for a flowing stream. ‘Tuts’ and ‘ahs’


Fizzy Wisdom - Scream

Talking about Intolerance

You know the scenario: you’re busy holding it all together when someone who has the misfortune of being three feet away from you asks you