How many people did you speak to today?


Conversation at the checkout. That’s one.

Spoke to Mum.


And colleague.

Four altogether.






How many people did you connect with today?




Were you up for connecting?


Maybe. There just wasn’t the vibe.


Sometimes the world is free flowing

And the invisible silk links that magically

Intertwine the Me and You and the Them and Us

Wind their way into conversations

Like candy floss:

A Pink Energy High

Laced with Fluff and Guff

And Nonsense Stuff.

Like Cloud Magic cut from a

Silver Glitter Honeymoon Tree.





How does it suddenly slip

Down the drain into obscurity

Leaving no traces of its utopian purity

But just starched collars

And bureaucracy.

Leaving us at the mercy

Of humdrum banality:

Serendipity a fatality.


What is the causality

Of this actuality?

Loneliness I think.


For we aren’t a single thread.

We are part of a tapestry

(Not the one in our head).

For the Modern Way will  say

We aren’t stitches in a seam

That we’re strong single parts

Of an individual dream.

Not a quilt in the making

Nor a sampler or shirt

But a simple fleck of thread

That can shine amongst the dirt.


But just one can’t make a bigger one

When sitting all alone

It needs a point of reference,

A check in point; a home.

A heart to make it laugh

Or a soul to make it cuss

But it needs another one

Because there is no I in US.

Copyright Fizzy Wisdom 2019 

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Hey! I'm Ally. I like creating poems and stories and writing to inspire and uplift. Enjoy what you read and do leave a comment.

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