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About the Author

My name is Ally. I have been on the most incredible healing journey over the last ten years. I faced many challenging issues in my life and overcame them all while at the same time awakening to my authentic self. The journey has showed me that underneath all of our challenges, there is a key which unlocks the door to a better version of ourselves. I have written about a lot of what I have experienced in my blog, which you will find within this website. 

While I was on my awakening journey I was working as a lawyer and mediator while navigating single motherhood. I helped many others resolve conflict and challenge. 

What I noticed in particular throughout my work was that when people are in a state of fear, anxiety and stress, their choices were very much aligned with victim consciousness. There was a lot of weight put on being right and blaming others. The polarities that people found themselves in creating more suffering. It disempowered people. 

I knew that I wanted to offer a service to people which prioritised wellbeing and empowered choices – a service that resolved the problem for the whole person and which helped them to make decisions about their presenting challenges from a more empowered place. To that end, I obtained a qualification in mindfulness based cognitive therapy. 

In addition, as I awakened I acquired healing gifts and started channeling energy via light language. I used this gift to help with my own emotional healing. 

After a while I decided that it was the time to combine my years of experience in the law and my healing gifts to set up a resolution business focused on healing and empowerment. I always consider that our external challenges are opportunities for growth. Not only do I assist people to find a resolution to any presenting practical difficulty, I also facilitate healing and growth from this experience. 

Please contact me me to find out more.