Fizzy Wisdom

About the Author

My name is Ally. I practised as a lawyer for many years and like many, I was on society’s hamster wheel, seeking money, love and fulfilment from the outside world. Happiness and contentment eluded me as I looked elsewhere for love. I was in a constant battle with myself and my own emotions and could not seem to settle for a life which was ordinary or peaceful. 

In around 2012 I decided to seek some therapy after a relationship breakdown and this set in train a long period of healing and awakening. This was no walk in the park and I fought a long and hard battle with my ego as part of me refused to let go of who I thought I was in order to become my authentic self. I experienced several dark nights of the soul and much re-experiencing of trauma before becoming truly happy in my own skin. 

Through my own awakening I was gifted with the ability to channel healing energy through light language. I am intuitive and able to channel energy of a higher vibration. I receive the energy through a transmission of phonetic sounds and hand movements. It is not so much the sounds themselves that can have an effect on the person hearing them: it is more to do with the vibration of the energy that is behind them. Light language has helped me enormously throughout my own healing journey. 

I am a keen writer. Through my writing I hope to  encourage others to find peace within and to awaken to a better version of themselves while also having total acceptance and compassion for this human journey.