Fizzy Wisdom


Fizzy Wisdom - Abstract colour

Everyone wants somebody But no-one wants just anybody Or anyone who used to be a somebody: A has-been bean-ass nobody. Everyone wants to be a somebody As no-one wants to be just anybody A somebody who used to be a nobody Has reason to believe in everybody. No-one would dare diss a nobody For none … Read more

The City At Night

Fizzy Wisdom - Cobblestone street

Wandering the cityscape at night I am the passenger with no ride Passing by Passive to the passers by Let me be here And the city says ‘yes’ Shadowy trees eerily extend gnarled branches Like wizened wizards Benevolent boughs of bonhomie: A silhouetted sop to the anomie (my soul’s familiar enemy) Let me be here … Read more


Fizzy Wisdom - Gift

We go around in neatly folded packages. Work-shaped, mall-shaped, party-shaped. Sufficiently malleable to fit into each slot. Still wrapped when we get home. (Often tightly). Tightly taped and parent-shaped for the kids. Ribbon-tied and bug eyed for the spouse. Always gifted But never unwrapped. What if one string were slowly pulled from the top To … Read more