Fizzy Wisdom

Fizzy Wisdom - Lotus

I am gifted with the ability to channel healing energy via light language. Light language is channeled higher vibrational energy that comes through me as sounds, singing and hand movements. It is a form of holistic therapy.

In a session I help you to clear blocks and release stuck energy. You will also be re-balanced and aligned. Light language therapy is particularly good relieving anxiety, stress and other emotional issues.

You may be surprised by hearing lots of sounds and you may even find it quite amusing! That is all fine. Once you settle into it and relax, you will find that receiving the transmission is a relaxing and uplifting experience. You are likely to feel it in certain areas of your body. The best thing to do is relax and focus on your breathing. During a consultation with me you may also receive any guidance that you need. I act as a channel for this. If there is an area that you would like me to work on then we can discuss this at the start and set the intention for the session.

I offer one off sessions or a package if you need more support.

Please contact me to book a session or to find out more about light language energy healing.

All energy healing sessions are £80 and you can pay here via PayPal at or by BACS on request.


‘I would just like to say, I booked a light language healing session with Alison not really knowing what it was. I’ve had reiki before so I knew a little about alternative therapy. I went with an open mind and wasn’t disappointed. The sounds were a little unexpected as I’d not heard anything like it before. However it was a very calming experience. I felt lifted after the session and for the next few nights sleep was amazing. Looking forward to booking my next session’. Sarah, Bristol