Fizzy Wisdom

Letting Go

Fizzy Wisdom - Birth


Some people might think I was born yesterday And I was. Part of me kicked and screamed as I pushed out in insurrection In defence against the resurrection Of All There Ever Is and Was

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Fizzy Wisdom - The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Syndrome

If you are or have been a parent of young kids, you probably know how it is when you’re little darling wants to watch a favourite movie or programme over and over again. You might

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Fizzy Wisdom - Calendar

The Pace of Life

The march to the Pace of Life is quick, I think. It takes no prisoners. Those who march to the Pace of Life  give the impression that all purpose has been knocked out of them:

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What would it take?

What would it take this person here To free themselves of pain and fear; To feel so light upon their feet, To watch the darkness fast retreat?   What would it take this being now

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A Mid Life Crisis?

As forty hits, the ego calls: the inspired wallet buys bigger balls: the eight grand full sus mountain bike; the fishing rod that nails all pike;the clubbing mum with inch-long nails, the sporty dad with hero’s

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Fizzy Wisdom - Pond


Tumbleweed buries into her deepest consciousness Strangling all sweet serenity with a sneering sadism Penetrating all parts that were portals to the hearts of others And infusing them with a melancholic madness The vines coil

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