Fizzy Wisdom


Wake Up with 2020 vision

As the year draws to a close I reflect on what a transformative year this has been. If I could choose a theme for this year it would be awakening. I started the year with

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Managing Survival Fears

Another lockdown was bound to come at some point. Some of us were prepared while others had pinned their hopes on a gradual recovery. As many an industry started to gather something that resembled momentum,

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Fizzy Wisdom - Reach

Love in a time of Corona

We are living in unparalleled times in the UK and indeed in the world. Just when we thought we were over the Brexit chaos the Corona Virus is driving the country towards a standstill. Phrases

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Fizzy Wisdom - Gun

Being Trigger Happy

I have been experiencing a deep sense of peace of late. I think this is due in part to the fact that I threw away my to-do list and started to accept the unfinished, sloppy

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Fizzy Wisdom - Candle

Christmas resilience

It’s a Saturday night close to Christmas. Festivities abound. I could be jiving away to some seasonal pop hit from yesteryear, glass of mulled wine in hand, but instead I am snuggled away in my

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Fizzy Wisdom - Crypt

The Void

A resting place for words unspoken Chamber for the muted scream Tears damned in, like stagnant waters Yearning for a flowing stream. ‘Tuts’ and ‘ahs’ and sheepish glances False encounters, friendship trials (Unyielding pain a

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