Fizzy Wisdom

Are you facing a challenge in your external life and wondering how to navigate it? It may be a relationship conflict, a problem with someone you work with or a sticky situation that you would like some support with. You may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You may feel like you have no energy to tackle what you’re facing and that it’s making you feel heavy and drained.

Here is where I come in.

I work on helping you to recover your sense of calm and wellbeing. I use energy healing and mindfulness based cognitive therapy techniques to assist with this.

Once you’re feeling emotionally restored, I facilitate you to make empowered choices about your next steps. I will provide you with practical guidance where necessary. I have a wealth of legal experience and can signpost you to where you need to be from a practical point of view.

I assist you to reach a final resolution of your situation which aligns with your highest desired outcome. We are working to a resolution with a view to growth and alignment of potential.

Each package is a block of four sessions but we can add on more if you need them.

Contact me here to book a package or find out more.