Fizzy Wisdom


Fizzy Wisdom - Gift

We go around in neatly folded packages. Work-shaped, mall-shaped, party-shaped. Sufficiently malleable to fit into each slot. Still wrapped when we get home. (Often tightly). Tightly taped and parent-shaped for the kids. Ribbon-tied and bug eyed for the spouse. Always gifted But never unwrapped. What if one string were slowly pulled from the top To … Read more


Fizzy Wisdom - Pond

Tumbleweed buries into her deepest consciousness Strangling all sweet serenity with a sneering sadism Penetrating all parts that were portals to the hearts of others And infusing them with a melancholic madness The vines coil round, constricting ideas and thoughts Suffocating simmering suggestions of surrender Savaging Humour as though it were a lamb Gambolling carelessly … Read more